Spelregler för ishockey 2023-2024

173 Appendix 3 - Equipment All measurements in cm CAPTION max. 163.0 max. 32.0 max. 1.9 5.0 – 7.6 Heel Blade Curvature Toe Graphic 18. Rule 9.10 – Skates - Skater Skates must consist of only four parts: boot, blade, blade holder, and laces. The boot must conform to the foot of the Skater and not be unduly wide or long or have any attachments to it. The blade must be smooth from front to back and secured in the blade holder at all times. It cannot have a pick in the manner of figure skates – more information see Rule 9.10. DISCRIPTION Graphic 19. Rule 9.11 – Skates - Goalkeeper A Goalkeeper’s skate must have a non-fluorescent protective cowling at the front of each boot. The skate blade must be flat and cannot be longer than the boot. Any blades, projections, or “cheaters” added to the boot in order to give the Goalkeeper additional contact to the ice surface are not allowed – more information see Rule 9.11. DISCRIPTION Graphic 20. Rule 9.12 – Neck- and Throat Protectors It is recommended that all Players wear a certified “Neck- and Throat Protection” – more information see Rule 9.12. DISCRIPTION