Spelregler för ishockey 2023-2024

172 All measurements in cm CAPTION Graphic 17. Rule 11.5 – Knee Protection max. 23.5 All knee protection must be strapped and fit under the thigh pad of the pant leg and not exceed a contoured 23 cm (9”), with no flat surfaces and must not be permanently attached or fixed to the pants. Layering at the knee is permitted to add protection but not to add stopping area. Any layering to protect the knee, whether across the front or along the sides, shall not exceed 23 cm (9”). This measurement is to be taken while the goaltender is in an upright standing position. In the event a goaltender is required to wear a medical appliance to support the knee, the measurement will be taken without the goaltender wearing the medical appliance. DISCRIPTION Graphic 9.7. Rule 9.7 – Facial Protection Full Visior Protection Visior Protection Cage Protection All measurements in cm CAPTION Graphic 16. Rule 11.4 – Pants Rule max. 25.5