51 Nordic Battery Belt Logistics is an Interreg Botnia-Atlantica project aiming to develop a strategy for sustainable and cost efficient cross-border logistics for the battery cluster. – We saw that Northvolt would establish itself in Skellefteå and we knew that it will affect transports in the region, since the raw materials and the supporting industry are partly also available in the region, says Mathias. The investments in the region will require efforts in building new infrastructure, new logistic solutions and a whole new way of working together between industries, companies and clusters. And the opportunities and challenges can be managed and utilised in a much more structured way if efforts are coordinated across borders – not only between cities and regions but also between nations. Nordic Battery Belt Logistics will produce a strategy that aims to contribute to sustainable and cost-effective transports in the region from a cross-border perspective. The purpose is to provide a better understanding of new logistic flows that are expected to emerge in the region due to ongoing and planned battery plant establishments. – We probably have a hard time imagining