INTERREG BOTNIA-ATLANTICA AND INTERREG NORD 2014-2020 50 Building better logistics for the Nordic battery belt How can better logistics prepare the Kvarken region for new business opportunities in the battery industry? This is the focus for Interreg Botnia-Atlantica cross-border project The Nordic Battery Belt Logistics. There is a green shift on the rise, offering big opportunities for the Nordic countries. An industrial battery cluster is emerging in the Kvarken Region. Battery manufacturer Northvolt is establishing itself in Skellefteå, Norwegian-based company FREYR is planning to build a big battery factory in Mo i Rana, Norway and in Vaasa, Finland. In addition to this THE NORDIC BATTERY BELT LOGISTICS Lead partner: Kvarken Council EGTC, Vaasa, Finland. Project partners: The Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK, Finland, Skellefteå Municipality, Sweden, and the Kokkola Region Development Company KOSEK, Finland, Rana Utvikling, Norge. Priority area: Transport. the Ostrobothnian region also has a strong investment in energy technology, chemistry in relation to battery production and production of raw material for battery production. All of this combined is expected to attract even more companies in the battery sector to invest in the Kvarken region. – We are the right region for the battery sector. We have access to clean electricity, and we also use these products ourselves in the form of the ferry between Umeå and Vaasa. And within a few years we will hopefully have electric flights as well, says Mathias Lindström, director of the Kvarken Council EGTC, lead partner in the project. Nora Birkman Neunstedt, Timo Lahtinen, Mathias Lindström, Mattias Båsk, Gustaf Ulander, David Lidström, Kristin Frodahl Rognerud, Anna Löfmark, Isak Brändström, Alla Berg, Matti Utriainen, Reidar Ryssdahl, Andreas Forsgren, Antti Lepola, Johanna Häggman.