INTERREG BOTNIA-ATLANTICA AND INTERREG NORD 2014-2020 52 how much this will affect transports in the region, says Mathias. The project encompasses both an inventory and a strategy for how the region’s logistics supply and infrastructure should be developed in order to support the development of the Nordic Battery Belt cluster. – What can we do to help those who want to establish themselves here? How do we get better availability? Where do the raw materials come from? With our work, we will be able to show new establishments that if you come here, you can get your raw materials from the region, you can get your finished products out into the world and you will be a part of a cross border battery cluster which will create synergies, says Mathias. Mathias hopes that the work will strengthen the Nordic region’s position as the battery cluster of the future and that the Kvarken region can be a pioneer in switching to cleaner transports. – We will also develop a strategy to show what we need to do further to improve logistics and how our transport companies can prepare for this industrial revolution. The project is commissioned by the regional development companies in the region. A cross-border cooperation that doesn’t consider national borders. – This is a smart thing to do together. There are transport needs in three countries. It just makes sense to look at these issues from a cross-border perspective. These things are usually done at a national level. Now we do it at the three-country level. It is unique and strengthens our role as The Nordic Battery Belt, even on an international level, says Mathias. Did you know… Swedish battery developer and manufacturer Northvolt’s establishment creates faith in the future in Skellefteå. In 2025, about 3,000 people will work at the battery factory. And with a growing city, many other jobs are also being created in sectors such as hotels, schools, and healthcare. Peter Karlsten, Business development officer Skellefteå municipality, talking at the Kick-off for the Nordic Battery Belt Logistics project in Skellefteå. The factory area of Northvolt 1 covers an area of ​500,000 square meters. That equals about 71 football fields.