49 A sign that the project has been relevant is that other World Heritage sites have been interested in the results. – The Finnish Heritage Association has started a similar work, based on what we have done. I have also participated in the Baltic World Heritage Summit and held a talk to the team who manages the World Heritage Site around the Baltic Sea, says Malin. The cross-border cooperation between Sweden and Finland has been very smooth, says Malin. – The County Administrative Board of Västernorrland in Sweden and Metsähallitus in Ostrobothnia, Finland have been partners in previous projects as well. So we had a very good foundation to build on. We also included partners who had not directly participated before and who strengthened the cross-border work. Since the project ended, the number of visitors to the area has increased significantly. – We see a huge increase. But all nature areas have more visitors due to the pandemic. Although it is difficult to show that visitors come because of Lystra, I absolutely believe that Lystra's results provide added value, says Malin. Did you know… Lystra produced an interactive map of the High Coast and the Kvarken Archipelago where the geological values are gathered. The map is available at Projekt Manager Malin Henriksson.