19 There are many strong cleantech companies in the Kvarken region. In total, the project has collaborated with 200 companies with environmentally friendly solutions. An important, tangible result of the project is the printed and digital company catalogue which included about 200 companies and organisations from both Finland and Sweden. – It was the first time something like this was done. It meant that when we travelled to market the region to the outside world, we had something to show, says Triinu Varblane, who is also a member of the project group. – Among other things, we participated at the All-Energy event, an annual large exhibition and conference in Glasgow, Scotland. There we introduced ourselves as a Finnish-Swedish cleantech cluster representing about 200 companies and got a lot of attention, says project group member Johan Wasberg, The project also organised many events. One example is the “Women with Impact” event, which was organised in Vaasa with 200 participants. It was a high-profile event designed to highlight the inclusion of more women in the Cleantech sector. – I thought we would get a few rows of participants, but the whole room was full! We had no vacancies, says Triinu Varblane. Another example is the international “Energy Business Forum” which highlighted investments and business opportunities in the energy sector in the USA, Great Britain, Chile, Estonia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Scotland, Tunisia and Sweden. It was a unique opportunity to learn more and establish good contacts with growing energy market hot spots. Peter Hedman describes the cross-­ border collaboration in the project as very successful.