INTERREG BOTNIA-ATLANTICA AND INTERREG NORD 2014-2020 18 Less talk, more action! The Interreg Botnia-Atlantica project Cleantech Kvarken has takenmany actions to strengthen the conditions for small and medium-sized cleantech companies in the Kvarken region – We have succeeded in building a strong cross-border collaboration, which is very beneficial to the parttaking companies, says Peter Hedman, project manager of Cleantech Kvarken. Cleantech means green technology, clean energy and sustainable solutions. The project called Cleantech Kvarken was active between 2015 and 2018, a project in which the cities of Umeå and Örnsköldsvik in Sweden and Vaasa in Finland were collaborating. The goal was cross-border business cooperation and export of products and services within energy, forestry, and information technology, with environmenBuilding a Finnish-Swedish Cleantech Cluster CLEANTECH KVARKEN Lead partner: Kompetensspridning i Umeå AB, Sweden. Project partners: Technology Centre MERINOVA, Finland, Örnsköldsvik Municipality, Sweden, Vaasa Region Development Company, VASEK, Finland. Priority area: Business. The Cleantech Kvarken Company Catalouge has been a popular product at the project’s events. tal relevance and new technologies as the driving force. – The project was a somewhat new collaboration, our first joint project. It was all about supporting companies with environmentally friendly solutions, says Peter Hedman. Cleantech Kvarken had three focus areas: To market the region and its companies to the outside world, with joint investments in exports to help establish contacts between companies, with the help of business advisories and to connect cleantech companies with public actors. – The things we did to support the companies in our region were very concrete. We arranged matchmaking events, informative events and through our Business Advisory we could listen to the needs and wants from the companies and then take it from there, says Jenny Åkermark, member of the project group.