INTERREG BOTNIA-ATLANTICA AND INTERREG NORD 2014-2020 20 – We have tried to pinpoint the best practices from both Finland and Sweden and combine these to create cross-border added value for the companies. This has really been a cross-border cooperation in the truest sense! Looking back, the project team feels proud. – This project highlighted the possibilities for small and medium sized enterprises to collaborate across the borders in the Kvarken region. It created opportunities that strengthened the growth in the region by supporting the company’s export prospects, says project group member Jeanette Holmlund de Miranda. The project has ended, and it is now important that the results from the project can live on and be utilised also in the future. – It is always a challenge when you develop new ways of supporting business development in projects, to find a mechanism that secures the results being used after the project has ended. And it is important to take advantage of all that is invested in relationships, networks and partnerships, says Peter Hedman. Did you know… There has been a global interest in the Cleantech Kvarken project. “The waves of this project have reached both North and South America, Africa and Australia. Through collaboration with embassies and our network we have been everywhere, from Chile to China, Alaska, Indonesia and Australia and in all these places, we have presented the companies from our region”, says Triinu Varblane. Peter Hedman, project manager at Cleantech Kvarken, presented the Cleantech Kvarken Company Catalogue during the event Energy Business Forum.