Spelregler för ishockey 2023/2024

170 IIHF Raus All measurements in cm CAPTION Graphic 14. Rule 11.3 – Chest and Arm Protector Appendix 3 - Equipment max. 18.0 max. 18.0 max. 3.0 max. 3.0 All measurements in cm CAPTION Graphic 11.6. Rule 11.6 – Catching Glove Appendix 3 - Equipment Perimeter max. 114.5 “T”-trap max. 46.0 A maximum perimeter of 114.5 cm (45") is permitted. The perimeter of the glove is the distance around the glove (see measurement procedures below). The wrist cuff must be 10.5 cm (4") in width. The cuff of the glove is considered to be the portion of the glove protecting the wrist from the point where the thumb joint meets the wrist. Any protection joining/enhancing the cuff to the glove will be considered part of the glove rather than the cuff. The wrist cuff is to be a maximum of 20.5 cm (8'') in length (this includes the bindings). All measurements follow the contour of the cuff. DISCRIPTION Graphic 11.7. Rule 11.7 – Goalie Blocking Glove Appendix 3 - Equipment All measurements in cm CAPTION max. 20.5 max. 38.5 max. 18.0