55 – Our Masterclasses were really successful. We found experts from all over the world who participated and lectured. Equality and diversity have been an important part of the project. Working actively with these issues has also been an important part of the process that has been taught to companies. The goal is to get more women into the gaming industry in the future. The project had three focus areas. The first was user-centered design, which is about the user experience in games. The second focus area was business modelling and monetisation, where companies got to learn about how to get revenue on their games. The third focus area was called Goto-market. – What happens after the game is released? We studied branding and how launching a game is done in different countries. The companies were guided through everything from pitching, marketing, store optimisation and intellectual property rights, to post-release actions such as planning for bug fixing, updates and maintaining an online community. Tobias feels proud of the network that has been created. – Before the project, we didn’t really have good connections between game companies in Ostrobothnia and Västerbotten. Now we have a strong network. Here in Ostrobothnia, the game industry has not come quite as far as in Västerbotten. Therefore, this was a superb project, where we learned a lot from each other. Project Manager Tobias Björkskog.