INTERREG BOTNIA-ATLANTICA AND INTERREG NORD 2014-2020 24 about digital security. For example, CYNIC organized an event called CyberNorth, where cyber security experts shared their knowledge with over 100 participants from Sweden and Finland. The project has also developed a card game that can help companies become more aware of risks. – It is based on gamification and works like a regular card game. The idea is to start discussing the topic of security issues. This can be done in coffee rooms or in meetings. It is a great starting point for discussions, regardless of what level of knowledge you have, says Johan. The team says that they learned a lot during the project. – The Corona pandemic has meant that most companies were forced into a more digital work environment. The lack of knowledge about risks has been an eye opener for us, and we have gained a good insight into where the risks arise, says Åsa. There is no doubt that the project has made a difference to many people. – We have benefited from the cooperation in the Interreg Nord project, as we have at the same time increased our own expertise and thus we can better serve our customers. It has been a pleasure to cooperate with the project, says Tomi Liias, Head of European Sales, Tosibox Oy, Oulu Finland. – Together with the companies, we have looked at how to train staff. We have found some good methods for this. But I also think the meetings and seminars we have had have made a concrete difference. You notice that there is a great deal of interest in these issues. Hopefully, someone has been able to avoid being exposed to threats because we have opened up the discussion, says Johan. – Together with the CYNIC project, we have developed an effective training material that both strengthens our own staff’s competence in information security and that we also use as an offer to our customers in, among other things, the public sector that we help with secure and efficient information management, says Annika Sällström, Business Developer, Agio. Martin Lundgren, Åsa Ericson and Johan Lugnet, researchers at Luleå University of Technology demonstrate cyber security and a card game which the CYNIC project has developed to help companies become more aware of cyber security. Did you know… CYNIC was selected as one out of five finalists in the Regiostars Awards category: ”Skills & education for a digital Europe” in 2020. The RegioStars awards demonstrate excellence of EU-funded Interreg projects in regional development.