23 The Interreg Nord cross-border project CYNIC increases awareness about digital security for small and medium-sized companies. In the recurring event called CyberNorth, cyber security experts have shared their knowledge with companies. To build self-confidence and develop knowledge, there are two well-established safety labs - based at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden and Centria University of Applied Sciences in Finland. The labs can help companies get an idea of the risks involved. The cross-border collaboration in the project has been fruitful. – We have a very good collaboration with our partners at Centria Research and Development in Finland. Together we have been able to help companies with concrete cases. This is where we have succeeded best, says Johan. Laura Palovuori and Joni Jämsä are part of the project team: – Joint, cross-border webinars have been highlights of the Covid-19 era. The arrangements for the webinars have succeeded well and the events themselves have been epic. Cross border events enabled knowledge and skill sharing across borders with fun and equal cooperation between partners, they say. A big advantage is that the team has different areas of expertise. – The finnish project part Centria have a technical focus, and we at Luleå University of Technology handle the social parts around security issues. We need to combine these focuses, and have been able to complement each other, says Åsa. The borders in Europe look a little different now that the world has become increasingly digital, says Johan. – We see this when we are contacted by other sparsely populated regions in Europe. What we do is also useful beyond the programme area. Some of these results are spreading around the world, he says. The project participates in and arranges events, seminars and workshops designed to promote digital business development and at the same time increase knowledge