13 The project team in Vaasa contributes with expertise in health promotion work, health technology and user-centered working methods. The research team in Umeå contributes with knowledge from the areas of nursing, occupational therapy, and computer science. The project team in Seinäjoki contributes with experience and knowledge of elderly care and groups with special needs. – We all represent different work areas and areas of expertise. It has been very exciting to work together, even though we may have slightly different perspectives. The project team has met older people in cities as well as in sparsely populated and rural areas in both Sweden and Finland. – Considering the contextual differences and related challenges and opportunities is important, says Johanna. Working with both public actors and private IT companies has also been an example of cross-border cooperation. – We have seen structural and cultural boundaries that we have managed to overcome through dialogue and cooperation. The work in the project is also important from a broader EU perspective. – We have a growing older population; it is an EU-common issue. How can the older population be supported? This project is highly relevant to the whole of the EU. Our project provides a concrete example of how we can work together to develop different solutions for this target group, says Johanna. Did you know… The project’s goal has been for the application to benefit as many organisations and elderly people as possible. Therefore, both the app and its source code are available to anyone who is interested – organisations, companies, and individuals.