INTERREG BOTNIA-ATLANTICA AND INTERREG NORD 2014-2020 12 – We see this as important from the perspective of digital inclusion. To create space for people of older age with varying technical skills to be able to participate in the project and give their important views, regardless of their experience of technology and life situation. It was important to us that we succeeded with that, says Johanna. The IT companies have also been positive. – The fact that there was a focus on two important societal challenges: Social meaningful interaction and digital exclusion. The way that the project tackled them made us interested in developing tools that could help remedy this problem, one of the parttaking IT-companies states in the evaluation. IT-companies are not always that familiar with older adults as a customer group. We have received feedback that we have contributed to opportunities for companies to get to know this large target group, and also created forums for companies to meet potential future collaborators in the social and healthcare sectors. This is something we are also happy about, she says. The app has now been launched and is available in two language versions. In Swedish it is called “KomMed” and in Finnish “TuleMukaan”. In the app, you can find social gatherings and also set up your own activities. – If I want to bring together an interest group in my immediate area, I can set up an activity that others can sign up for, says Johanna. A video function is also integrated in the app. – If you think about the pandemic situation that we have experienced, it is an important function, when we do not always have the opportunity to meet in person, says Johanna. @geing Online has been a cross-border project in many ways. For example, the team itself has worked across borders.