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The Trangia principle

Outdoor cooking is easy when you use a Trangia

stove. The unsurpassed Trangia principle makes cooking

possible in all weather conditions – even high winds and

severe cold. The stoves are lightweight and they need no

special care as they are hardwearing. The Trangia stove

is reliable, without unnecessary parts that can break or be

adversely affected by cold, plus it is quick to set up, and

packs into a compact unit that takes up minimal space.

• The heart of the storm-proof stove system is the two-

part windshield. The ventilation holes in the lower

windshield are directed into the wind to increase the

oxygen supply to the burner.

• The stove stands stable, with the pan on the supports

recessed into the upper windshield. The supports are

turned upwards when the frypan is used.

• It is a good idea to light the burner before putting the

upper windshield in position.

• The combined frypan/lid can be put on top of the pan

to speed up heating and save fuel.

• The Trangia spirit burner runs on Tenol, methylated

spirits or liquid bioethanol fuels, which are cheap, safe

and readily available.