9 184 cross-border projects that made a real difference. In many places, in many areas and to many people. This is the result of the Interreg BotniaAtlantica and Interreg Nord programmes that took place between 2014 and 2020. In this book, we celebrate the work that has been done within these projects. They show us that when we work together, the possibilities and results are truly borderless. What is a border? The encyclopedia states that it is a real or artificial line that separates geographic areas. Borders separate countries, provinces, counties, cities, and towns. But what happens when we try to imagine a more borderless world, and instead focus on cooperation with our neighbours? This is the idea behind Interreg, one of the key instruments of the European Union, supporting cooperation across borders through project funding. The aim is to tackle common challenges and find shared solutions. Interreg Botnia-Atlantica and Interreg Nord 2014-2020 are cross-border cooperation programmes that funded projects between north and central parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland and Sapmí. The overall goal has been to strengthen the competitiveness and attractiveness of the programme areas. The projects within Interreg Botnia-Atlantica and Interreg Nord have formed an ecosystem that contributes to cross-border cooperation. The initiatives have created innovative research environments and strengthened small and medium-sized enterprises. Furthermore, they have preserved and promoted cultural heritage, and preserved and restored natural environments and their habitats. The initiatives have also developed circular economy and promoted cross-border employment and labor mobility. Among other things. To everyone who has been involved we want to say thank you. In the following pages, we showcase 14 of the 184 projects. A small sample that really demonstrates the width and diversity of the projects. We hope that they inspire many more exciting things to come. Enjoy! INTERREG BOTNIA-ATLANTICA The Botnia-Atlantica area includes six regions and one municipality in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Interreg Botnica-Atlantica has funded 66 projects within the priority areas Innovation, Business, Environment and Transport. The total funding for the Interreg Botnia-­ Atlantica programme is 67 million Euro, including EU-funding, Norwegian IR-funding and national co-funding. INTERREG NORD Interreg Nord includes northern Sweden, northern Finland, northern Norway and Sápmi. The Nord programme is divided into two geographical sub-areas, sub-area Nord and sub-area Sápmi. Interreg Nord has funded 118 cross-border cooperation projects in four priority areas: Research and innovation, Entrepreneurship, Culture and environment and the Common labour market. The total funding for the Interreg Nord programme is 112 million Euro, including EU-funding, Norwegian IR-funding and national co-funding. Cross-border projects that made a difference