INTERREG BOTNIA-ATLANTICA AND INTERREG NORD 2014-2020 64 researching future opportunities and trends. – A result was a deeper and wider understanding of common strengths, possibilities, and also obstacles says Rauno. Improving accessibility in the area has also been important part of the project. The partners have worked together to develop transportation and traffic from market areas to the Visit Arctic Europe area. The main purpose of Visit Arctic Europe's current, second phase is to continue the cross-border work to develop the area as a full-year, sustainable and high-quality destination. Of course, the Covid situation has meant that the project, as well as the companies in the area has had to adapt and put many activities on hold. – Many companies have struggled a lot. In the project, we have needed to adapt. For example, we now organise digital sales events and also digital familiarisation trips where tour operators take part online, a totally new service, says Maikku. The future, however, is looking bright, with a huge interest in the region, says Rauno. – If I would predict something about next winter, summer and autumn, I would say that we can expect a very positive commercial result, says Rauno. One of the current goals is to develop a new tourist season, Autumn in the Arctic. – There is a huge potential in the autumn season in this area, says Maikku. – When there is a will, there is a way. I feel that the Visit Arctic Europe-project is a good example of that when talking about cross border cooperation and developing of the most potential seasons. We have been taking part of both phases and seen how well planned and passioned the work has been. It has been a privilege to be part of this forerunning project and benefit the growing network, sales and the development towards year around success, says Petri Saastamoinen, Director of Sales Visit Inari – Safaris & Accommodation. Both Rauno and Maikku feel proud about the work within Visit Arctic Europe. – For me, the best thing is to get to know the companies and the people. To hear their stories. It has also been great working with Maikku and the rest of the project team. They are all professionals with a great attitude. It has been a big part of the success, says Rauno. Did you know… Visit Arctic Europe I was the winner of Arctic Award 2017, in the category “Overcoming critical mass”. The award highlights good practice projects focused on topics of particular relevance to the Arctic area. The jury commented: “The project has shown that better results can be achieved through cooperation and trust instead of competing against each other.” The project has highlighted the unique arctic cuisine and ingredients in the campaign “Eat the Landscape”.