61 Knowing about our neighbours’ technologies is interesting and useful for all of us. We are expanding and sharing our knowledge and connections. That will be helping the companies in the region too, he says. To learn about diverse cultures is also very exciting, he says. – Experts in different regions have some similar issues as well as more specific issues. When we can work together to overcome some of the issues, it is great. When we are exchanging ideas, we can come up with new solutions and opportunities. TallWood will not only facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between the countries but also increase business opportunities for the associate partner companies, for instance, regionally and globally where there are similar conditions. So far, it’s become clear during the TallWood-project that the acoustics in wooden highrise building is on a good level. The fact that there are research projects on wooden highrise buildings is a good thing, because these are quite new in the building sector and there is not so much experience, says Tuomas Rautio, property manager, DAS Kelo. DAS Kelo in Rovaniemi, Finland is an eight-storey student housing block built with a cross laminated timber frame. Did you know… Sara kulturhus in Skellefteå is a good example of a tall house made of wood. In fact, it is one of the world’s tallest wooden houses. The building rises almost 80 meters above the ground with its 20 floors – a real landmark in Skellefteå. The cultural centre houses six stages, a city library, two art galleries, a hotel, conference and meeting rooms, a sky bar with a roof terrace and a spa with a spectacular panoramic view. The house is named after Sara Lidman, one of many authors from the storytelling county of Västerbotten. Sara kulturhus in Skellefteå is one of the world’s tallest wooden houses.