35 Another important goal is to create job training for young Sámi by offering a Sámi trainee programme with a focus on the EU. – I am very proud of the trainee programme. We have had three employed trainees during the project period. Three young, dedicated people who have come in with their capacity and commitment. It is a fantastic inspiration and we have been able to maintain a youth focus in many parts of the project. It also fits so well for the European Year of Youth 2022, Åsa states. Ánja Márja Nystø Keskitalo from Guovadageaidnu/Kautokeino in Norway is one of the trainees in the project. – I am grateful to have this opportunity to work with topics that I am passionate about in a Sámi and international environment. So far, the traineeship has been a great learning experience, and it is exciting to be a part of shaping the other parts of the project with such a great team, says Ánja Márja. The project has also organized several courses. One topic was “How to go from a project rookie to a project pro”. Another course dealt with entrepreneurship and the EU as a market. – It showed the fantastic opportunities we have in Sápmi and how much we can contribute to the EU market, says Åsa. So far, the response from the EU has been overwhelmingly positive. – We are met with great understanding. Both nationally, regionally, and when we meet the European Commission, they Ánja Márja Nystø Keskitalo is one of the three trainees in the project Filling the EU-Sápmi knowledge gaps. In June, 2022 the first ever EU-Sámi Week in Brussels will be organised by the project.