29 Did you know… On ECOnnect’s YouTube channel, you can find several animations and films. One film shows how the ocean in the Gulf of Bothnia might look in the year 2082. Search for “Vad kan vi göra för vårt hav?” on YouTube. Project staff watching a video screen that is connected to a remote-controlled underwater drone. other things, we’ve made several YouTube videos and animations, says Anette. The cross-border collaboration in the project has worked excellently. – I am proud that we have such good cooperation between the organisations and across borders. It is important when working with sea areas, says Anette. The forecasts are not only important for the Kvarken region. – If you think about the methods that we test and use here, they will be able to use in many other places, for other sea areas, says Anette. The opportunity to be at the forefront of understanding is something both Johnny and Anette appreciate. – We can try new things, things you might not otherwise have had the opportunity to do, says Johnny. Working with new colleagues is also a great advantage. – We really learn a lot from each other, says Anette.